The God Stone

Name: Unkown
Age: 21
Birthplace: Red Deer Tribe
Religious affiliation: Scorn and Disdain
Status: Warrior Channeller
Likes: pubs, waistcoats
Dislikes: temples
Addictions: nicotine
Notable skills: boxing, air forcing , violin, drinking

Hot headed, unintelligent, but an excellent fighter, he's focussed on his goal...somewhat. He gets sidetracked easily. A reluctant hero, he just does what needs to be done

Full Name: Brynook Adrick
Age: 24? Ish? yeah, lets go with that
Birthplace: Machina, Al'Haura
Political affiliation: Fence Sitting
Likes: junk food, sleeping in
Dislikes: work, mornings
Addictions: nicotine, caffeine, alcohol
Notable skills: Literacy, high alcohol tolerance

Apathetic, despondent and reluctant, he would rather be in the pub with a good drink and a hot meal than doing whatever it is he's doing now. However, he has to do whatever he's doing, against his will, so he's at least going to do it as drunk as possible

Name: Ry'Kauza (Rye KOW za)
Age: 21
Birthplace: Horse Tribe palace
Status: Master Channeller, Crown Prince
Likes: organisation, decorum, clothes
Dislikes: proletariat
Addictions: neatness
Notable skills: Short swords and daggers, archery, hand to hand combat, spirit channelling

The Prince of the Horse Nation, he is a serious and goal focussed individual. It is known that he has an 'illness' and must take medication, but it is not known by the people what the nature of that illness is.

Full Name: Pippy 000
Age: 20
Birthplace: Concentration camp 000
Occupation: Master of Slaves, Prince's Personal Assistant. Ex-spy/assassin, Bodyguard
Status: slave
Likes: Serving the Royal family, murder
Dislikes: untidiness, asymmetry
Addictions: Tying shoelaces, building houses of cards, perpendicular things
Notable skills: Master of hand to hand combat, master chef, espionage, intelligence gathering, stealth, building toothpick replicas of famous landmarks, only sleeps 4 out of 7 days a week, dimples

Pippy is known for being chipper and happy at all times!! Forever!!